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Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Lash Mini Wand

Don't you just love fluttering eyelashes! Whether you are preparing for a big meeting at work or getting ready for a party, no makeup look is complete without long, luscious and perfectly curled eyelashes. 

But how many times have you pinched your eyelids, broken and pulled out delicate lashes, all in an effort to get that doe-eyed, glamorous lash look, using your traditional eyelash curler? Well, it's time to step up your lash game with Curlese™ and say goodbye to painful curlers, messy falsies or the time and expense of costly salon extensions.

Curlese™ revolutionary eyelash curler pen features a unique heating mechanism that gently lifts, separates and shapes your lashes for the perfect and long-lasting curl without crimping or pinching, effortlessly. Powered by a triple-A battery, its sleek, compact design allows you to easily slip this in your pocket or cosmetic bag.

Designed in the shape of a pen/wand for your convenience, Curlese™ delivers the precise amount of heat, to curl up, define and lengthen your lashes from root to tip for natural-looking luscious eyelashes in seconds.

Now, make your eyes look brighter and gorgeous without applying 6 coats of mascara or investing in extensions, fillers, and falsies.  Simply preheat Curlese™ for 20 seconds, place it directly under eyelash line and gently lift and hold eyelashes against your eyelid for 8-10 seconds, repeat if required and Voila stunning eyelashes in no time!  

  • Experience the Lash Revolution: Aren’t you just tired of spending hours trying to achieve those perfectly curled eyelashes? As soon as you put a layer of mascara, they droop again! Curlese™ is specially designed to give you salon like lashes with extra lift and curl in seconds without any damage. It not only accentuates your natural lashes but also makes sure that they hold up the curl throughout the day to give you that “extra oomph.”
  • Pain-Free Transformation; Advanced Heating Technology: It’s time to move on from your conventional eyelash curlers that clamp, dent and use excessive pressure that can damage or even break your lashes. Curlese™ features a comb design that doesn’t pull, pinch or squeeze your eyelashes and gently tames your stubborn lashes, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Using innovative heating technology, It softly lifts and curls your lashes smoothly from base to tip making this heated curler a must have in your makeup bag. Say hello to long, voluminous and stunning eyelashes!
  • Perfect for Even the Most Fragile Lashes: If the fear of damaging your precious lashes is keeping you from curling them then Curlese™ could be the perfect eyelash curler for you. Unlike your traditional curler that pulls and clamps, this Electric Heated Pen is completely safe and features an anti-scald design that can be placed closer to your lash lines without worrying about unwanted damage.
  • Smooth Application in Seconds: Gone are the days when you had to invest hundreds of dollars and time on several products to achieve that perfect eyelash look or visit the expensive salons to fix your lashes!.Curlese™ is so easy to use that you can effortlessly get gorgeous eyelashes, literally under 30 seconds anytime, anywhere. Once done, simply let the device cool for 20-30 seconds and you can easily carry it on the go.
  • Shell Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 14 * 1.5 * 1.5cm
  • Battery: 1 * AAA batteries (Not Included)
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